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Below you will find a suitable configuration for a low to medium volume application (up to 30 windows per day).

Most items can be sourced from a single supplier : see www.TOOLSUSA.com.
1-800- 451-2425 is a contact at tools USA.

Alternatively any local supplier to Automotive Paint Shops should be able to supply many of the components.

Please inform AquaSurTech prior to placing an order with TOOLSUSA.


1/ Shop air will be supplied to the paint booth . (otherwise a separate compressor needs to be added)

2/ A sink and counter is available near the spray booth. A storage area for paint should also be located close to the sink. No special storage is required for our non flammable water based technology.

3/ Air make up systems have not be included. The assumption is that the "on-time" of the booth and the air volume inside the plant itself will not require one.

4/ Installation will be performed by in-house personnel, and a certified electrician.
Modifications to the building will be necessary to accept the exhaust from the booth. TOOLS USA can perform the booth installation if desired.

Call AQUASURTECH OEM if you have any questions.


1/ Please select your "standard colors" offering while building your paint facility. This will provide us adequate time to match colors and get approvals, or provide some coated samples .

By eliminating one or both the IR lights ,the investment could be reduced. IR insures a drying time independent of humidity and temperature. It typically generates a nicer finish because the coating dries from the substrate out, and reduces the chance for dust.


List of Equipment and Supplies
(Low/Medium Volume)

Gravity Feed HVLP (nozzles between 1.8-2 mm. are required)
Remote Pot (production gun)
Dessicant Dryer
Cross Flow Spray Booth
Infratech Portable IR System (2 units)

2 Masking Tables (4X8), 1- A-Frame Dolly (for large windows and doors), 2 Rolling Tables (for horizontal spraying frames and sashes) or Wooden Racks (for vertical spraying of frames and sashes). 2 floor fans can be helpful in improving the drying efficiency.*

* Available from AquaSurTech Oem.

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