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AquaSurTech OEM will assist you in putting your own paint shop together. The equipment and configurations discussed here assume a batch style paint shop in contrast to an automated continuous process. Both entry level Low/Medium Volume (Boxes) and High Volume (Lineal spraying) are covered.

Three distinct areas will need to be prepared.

1/ Surface Prep:

This area will be where any masking takes place, and the product is wiped down with an AquaSurTech OEM recommended cleaner. This area is primarily comprised of tables or dollies and is always located outside the spray booth itself. In the case of spraying lineals, the masking rack would be loaded in this location.Ideally this area will include a sink where paint preparation and gun cleaning will also take place.

2/ Spraying:

Includes a Spray Booth (or otherwise vented area), Compressor and Filtration, and Spray Equipment (HVLP is recommended) .
Frames can be painted either horizontally (on a table, lazy Susan ) or vertically hung on rolling racks.


3/ Drying/Curing Area:

Drying essentially involves extracting the water from the coated surface. The dryer the conditions, the quicker this takes place this effect will be accentuated as the air temperature rises up to a max temperature of 140 F for PVC, and higher for other substrates.