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Economics of In-House Coating

Greater Value

Retail premiums for painted vinyl windows range from $0.5-$1 per united inch (U.I.). The total cost (coating , shipping, labor, overhead) for a Fabricator to paint a typical double hung - 96 U.I., is in the range of $30 (the option could be priced retail at approx. $75, using $0.75 per inch). New construction premiums may be lower. Door coating can provide an even greater value add opportunity.

In any case, the coating cost itself usually represents a relatively small portion of the total cost of the painted product. Using a tested and proven product will ensure your customers will enjoy 15 + years of performance and make coating related service calls unnecessary.

The fact that AquaSurTech OEM provides only water based technology will ensure that the start up investment for the program will be kept to a practical level, and no additional compliance expenses will be incurred.

PROCESS/Econmics of in-house coating

Some Economics Benefits

Some significant cost reductions can be enabled by using low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coatings, (<30 g/liter), and eliminating toxic and carcinogenic substances.

  • Dispenses with the need to develop and implement environmental strategies.
  • Eliminates the cost of maintaining related environmental permits.
  • Eliminates the creation of hazardous waste, and the expense of processing it.
  • Fewer waste handling, storage and disposal costs.
  • Eliminates the requirement to use hazardous materials.
  • Lower employer liability insurance premiums due to enhanced worker safety.
  • Eliminates the use of ozone depleting substances.
  • Reduced dependence on non-renewable natural resources.
  • Ecologically sound water transfer medium does not pollute the atmosphere or damage the ozone layer.
  • Reduces the need to develop and administer safety programs.
  • Products are odorless and do not cause public offence.
  • Fewer man-hours lost through labor sickness.
  • Eliminates organic solvents from clean up operations.
  • Efficient cleaning with mild detergent and warm water reduces energy costs.
  • Constructors and owners can promote the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions incorporated in their products.
  • Products not reportable under: California Proposition 65; Community Right to Know List; EPA Genetic Toxicology Program; ACGIH TVL; EPA TSCA; OSHA PEL; SARA Section 302 & 313.