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High Volume Lineal Coating Configuration

Below you will find a suitable configuration for a higher volume application suited for spraying up to 10,000 lineal feet per shift.

Sample Footprint (2,500 square feet)


1/ Shop air will be supplied to the paint booth . (otherwise a separate compressor needs to be added).

2/ A sink and counter is available near the spray booth. A storage area for paint should also be located close to the sink. No special storage is required for our non flammable water based technology.

3/ Drying Racks and Rolling Tables are available or can be product in-house.

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1/ Depending on how much throughput is required, labor will need to be scaled accordingly. In order to achieve 10,000 feet per shift, at least three people will be required to prep the vinyl and load the tubes. One painter, and an additional person for unloading would be required.

2/ Please select your "standard color" offering while building your paint facility. This will provide us adequate time to match colors and get approvals, or provide some coated samples .

3/ Higher volume conveyorized manual configurations can be quoted. Please consult AquaSurTech.




PROCESS/High Volume

List of Equipment and Supplies
(High Volume)

Gravity Feed HVLP
(nozzles between 1.8-2 mm. are required)
This gun will be suited for spraying small amounts of material, or performing touch ups.

Remote Pot (production gun)
This gun is more suited for production, the spray gun is easier to manipulate, and pot will hold more coating.

Dessicant Dryer

Side or Semi Down Draft Booth
(second set of "drive through" doors)
Depending on how dust free the space is where the booth is located, a drying room may or may not be needed. A drying room could be an additional booth less the fans and motors… Air Make Up is recommended.

Infratech Portable IR System (6 units)
Three portable units would be required to dry each side of the masking rack. A 15 minute cycle time would be adequate before unloading the tubes and put the lineal onto drying racks. If a drying room is purchased or built, Infratech has put together a package which could be integrated into it (it is more or less the same cost as above). See www.infratech-usa.com for direct link to Infratech.