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Tips On In-Field Touch-Ups

Field Repair Vinyl Windows


  • Portable Compressor (Hardware Store)
  • HVLP gun with a 1.8 mm to 2.0 mm nozzle
  • Very small defects can be repaired with pressurized cans or small touch-up bottles and brush.


Prepare the paint according to factory instructions. Field work doesn’t require the addition of any Accelerator or Cross Linker.

A light sanding may be required over the defective area with 400 grit sand paper.

Clean the surface with VinylKleen and VinylPrep if you are painting over vinyl. Clean with a damp cloth when prepping over a scuffed, painted surface.

Mask off glass, mouldings etc. as required even though small guns produce very small fans and limited overspray.

Apply coating: wait a few minutes between passes to avoid runs on vertical surfaces.

PROCESS/Tips On In-field Touch-Ups

A hair dryer can be used to achieve faster drying in damp environments.

Avoid spraying in temperatures below than 55°F, or in high wind conditions.

If you need help, call AquaSurTech OEM. We can put you in contact with a Siding Doctor contractor in your area.

Test Wettability Using Wetting Test

Water Test Prep Pass Water Test Prep Fail

Touch Up Bottles