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Quality Control Standards

Color Tolerance

AquaSurTech OEM's current QC program is based upon standards surpassing most companies’ requirements to maintain a consistent batch-to-batch color.

AquaSurTech OEM holds it's raw material suppliers to maintain color standards in raw materials to +/- 2% of set standards. Color standards that are determined with LAB values are dependent upon equipment used.

AquaSurTech OEM provides color standards to all customers that are always less than 0.5 delta E removed from the standard originally provided by the customer.


QC Standards

ABOUT US/QC Standards

Gloss Tolerance

From working with customers over the past 20 years, a gloss level of 20-25% on a 60 degree glossometer (satin) is considered acceptable for almost all architectural applications on vinyl.

AquaSurTech OEM produces and measures draw downs of each batch produced, even for a single quart. In some instances, when color is extra critical, a spray down on the desired substrate is used for purposes of color control.

Masking Tubes

Color control is achieved through: