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Specially designed for Fiberglass and Composite Products

Door Finishing & Stain System

AquaUltra StainTM” System is a high performance, ultra low VOC stain system, specially formulated for Fiberglass and composite products.

Quick drying time and low odor make it easy and safe to use. Drastically reduce time wasted waiting for coating to dry – Stain both sides of a fiberglass door in one day!!

Use the AquaUltra StainTM” System components - base coat, stain coat, clear coat – to achieve the finish you want. Design or customize your system, pick and choose combinations of components that provide you the desired protection and performance. Unify the finishes of multiple substrates (Aluminum, Vinyl, Fiberglass Substrates); creating a homogenous product system; all substrates with one finish.



The standard stain colors can be blended to create new colors which when combined with a variety of hand application techniques can generate a “unique look”. NuStain is available in both kit or gallon formats.



Some of the Features and Benefits

  • multiple options for production oriented door finishing
  • match lights, jams, frames
    and sidelights
  • faux wood finishes on vinyl (both cellular and extruded) can eliminate costly laminate inventory
  • Passes Test Requirements for AAMA
    (Organic Coatings on Plastic Substrates)
  • Low Heat Absorption (delta T) due to superior product formulation (tested to ASTM D 4803-93)
  • Quick Air Dry - 20 minutes @ 50% humidity, 75 F
    or 8 minutes under IR
  • Excellent Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance
  • Shelf Life 1 year
  • Long term color retention
  • Chemically Resistant: acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, window cleaner, acid rain and other polluants


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AquaUltra Stain        

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SDS Sheets

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AquaUltra SDS