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Water based coatings represent far more than simply environmentally safe alternatives to solvent based products. Improved impact resistance (flexibility) and color/gloss retention are two benefits most impacting architectural applications.

In the case of PVC, the structure of the material itself is effected by solvents, resulting in potential brittleness over time. With D200, the performance and look is retained longer without impacting the substrate.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations when Selecting a Coating

N-methyl pyrrolodine ( CAS-no. 872-50-4) is one substance of specific concern. See attached article citing the dangers associated with this substance. See attached also California Prop 65 – note: recommended exposure 32 mg per day. A typical coating for vinyl might contain 5-15% by weight of this ingredient, this can be determined by looking at section 3 Hazardous Ingredients of the MSDS sheet. An approximate weight of a typical gallon of coating is around 4,000 grams. Therefore as an example , at 10% this amounts to 400 grams, approx 12,000 times that recommended above in a single gallon.

If a paint shop sprays 5 gallons per day, this amount to 60,000 times the suggested exposure.

Starting in August 2011 , the global harmonized reporting, requires that the MSDS sheet must publish the fact that an ingredient is found on any hazardous ingredient list , this is in section 15 of the MSDS sheet under Regulatory Information. Section 11 typically has more on the health effects of a given substance such as NMP.

The fact that MSDS sheets should be posted in a paint shop, these hazards will be available for all exposed employees to review.

AquaSurTEch D200 contains no NMP

Another major consideration in selecting a coating is the VOC content. This can typically be found in Section 9, Physical and Chemical Properties. VOC’s are often measured in grams per liter. D200 has 30 grams per liter, a fraction of most other industrial coatings which normally contain more than 150 grams per liter. VOC’s are being increasingly regulated, so minimizing the pounds per day emitted makes not only environmental sense, it will ensure that you stay below any daily allowance.

NOTE: Just because a coating is presented as “Water Based” does not ensure that it is Low VOC or doesn’t contain any hazardous ingredients.



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