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TruStainTM creates a molecular bond to any TruGrain, Simowoo based product.

This eliminates the potential for inter layer failures common
with more traditional stain/clear coat systems. By integrating heat reflective pigments into AquaSurTech’s proprietary resin, both color and protection are incorporated into a single simple to apply layer. The heat reflective properties of the pigments reduce the temperature
of the surface and retains color longer than conventional

TruStainTM is a water based, odourless, ultra-low VOC designed to bond to composites, fibreglass and PVC... so you can match your project with other elements such as trim and windows and doors ( fibreglass or steel ).

Features / Benefits

  • TruStain is a single component - the molecular bond eliminates the potential for inter layer failures common with stain/clear coat systems
  • Brushable or Sprayable (2 viscosities are available)
  • Coverage is approximately 250 square feet per gallon
    ( 6.5 meters squared per litre )
  • Fast Air Drying - 20 minutes for flash, dry in 2 hours
  • Heat Reflective - lower temperatures and less fade
    (delta E of less than 1 after 3,000 hours accelerated
    weathering with Xenon Arc - ASTM G155 )
  • High flexibility resin results in excellent wear and
    impact resistance - TruGrain can be cut after finishing
  • Meets AAMA 615-13 test standard
  • Environmental performance is market leading - 20 g/litre
    VOC, lead , chromate, isocyanate and NMP FREE
  • Wear Tested (ASTM D4060-14, Standard Test Methods
    for Abrasion Resistanvce of Organic Coatings by the
    Taber Abraser )
  • Odourless application with water clean up
Warranty : 15 years for Siding


Simple on-site application by Brush or Spray OR factory applied via Flow Coating or Spraying AquaSurTech can connect you with a local certified applicator if you require application services.