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Today's market demands a quick turnaround in offering custom colors. A key sales advantage (especially for the Fabricator who establishes an in-house painting capability) in the Window and Door industry is the ability to match your products to other architectural elements, thus offering the customer a sense of uniqueness.

AquaSurTech OEM addresses this with quick turnaround on custom colors, and associated volumes as low as 1 quart. Since coatings are all Waterborne, courier services can deliver product quickly, thus eliminating the need to standardize on a color offering.

Color technology from Gretag McBeth (link
follows) ensures matches to within .5 delta
E units.

> http://www.gretagmacbeth.com

If you have a custom color... send us your sample, minimum 1" by 1" in size to AquaSurTech directly. If you have another manufacturer's color code, we can scan that color into our color computer system and produce the equivalent color using the latest in Heat Reflect technology.